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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Little Push 5 Day Challenge: Exercise Day 3

Here are some tips that I find useful for getting motivated to workout and I hope you will to!
Turn on the Music! Music is such an amazing mood enhancer! Just as sad music can make you sadder, upbeat music can not only put you in a better mood, but it can really revive your energy!  Ever notice how you feel when you are out with friends and there is loud upbeat music?  If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but feel ‘up’ or ‘good’ with some rocking tunes on!  I notice on days where I need to get to the fit in my workout but “just don’t feel like it”, if I crank some upbeat dance music it gets me motivated to push play on one of my home fitness programs and GET my workout ON!
Put your workout clothes on- Sometimes just changing out of your Sunday couch potato pyjamas or out of your weekday work clothes into you workout clothes and runners will drastically change your motivation and mood!
Tell a friend your intentions- Tell people your intentions to workout. The more people you tell, the more accountable you will be. Even better, join one of my fitness groups for the accountability and support. 
Since becoming a coach I'm WAY more motivated to get back at my workouts even if I've had a few days off because I know those who look to me for motivation expect me to be working out too! 
Comment below to share how you got motivated to workout today. 

And for your free workout today.... Here is Autumn Calabrese's Luscious Legs Lottery workout!  Autumn is the creator of the 21 day fix (my favourite home fitness program)!  She is also coming out with a new workout called 21 day fix extreme soon too!!  

Check it out and let us know how you did on the Facebook group page...

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