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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Healthy Halloween Party Snacks for School

On Friday Asher will have his Kindergarten Halloween Party! 

There all kinds of great Halloween themed food ideas floating around on pinterest but lets be realistic here... These items will have to be sent with my Kindergartener to Before school care and then to school from there, meaning they have to TRAVEL.  AND they have to travel in hands other than my own.  So sending a big watermelon head Monster with Lime Googly eyes and fruit spewing from his mouth, although awesome and very cute, is just not doable unless I'm delivering!

So since I wont be delivering my snack to the classroom myself I do have to keep in mind that my item can't be something that wont be recognizable if it slides around in a container.  Whatever it is must stay intact and look how it's supposed to after 5 year old travel!  

I loved this idea... but it just wont hold up
to 5 Year old Travel :(

I also note all the cute Banana ghosts or oranges peal and turned into pumpkins and I think those Bananas will go brown all pealed like that... So I'd have to be there to make them. Or those Pumpkin oranges will dry out before the kids eat them.... 

So cute but I think we have all seen what happens
When these oranges have been peeled and left out. 
So what to make?

Here are my requirements:
  1. It must be Healthy
  2. Travel well
  3. Halloween themed


1. Popcorn Mix

2. Jack-O-Lantern Oranges or Orange fruit cups

3. Cheese Ghosts, Meat Spiders cut out with cookie cutters

4. Spider Crackers and Peanut Butter with Pretzel legs

5. Apple Mouths/monsters

6. Veggie and Dip or Apple and Caramel Dip cups

I experimented last night making a small batch of dark chocolate and dried apricot  popcorn mix! It worked out well. So I've decided that I'll either do my own healthy popcorn mix or the Halloween cut out meat and cheese with crackers for the snack. 

I'm happy with this Healthy popcorn mix because it's Orange and black but doesn't have ANY candy corn or sugary pumpkins in it! Nor does it have any food colouring in the chocolate and I used Dairy free chocolate too!! Plus it's tasty!

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